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Embedded System IoT Systems Design (16+ hours) 

 [BONUS] Python Realtime Population Health Desktop Application (7+ hours)

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                                    Lesson :  Extending the UART Driver
                                    Lesson : Authenticating New Users and Devices
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  •   Embedded System IoT Systems Design ($59.99 Value)
  • Python Realtime Population Health Desktop Application  ($49.99 Value)
Total Value: $109.98
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I personally guarantee that by the end of this training pack you will be able to accomplish the following
  • Store sensor data from your firmware in the cloud
  • Build a Modern GUI Sensor Monitoring dashboard
  • Send Sensor Data to Modern Desktop GUI Dashboard
  • Control your Firmware by E-mail
  • Control your Firmware from Modern Desktop GUI Dashboard
  • Write ADC,UART and GPIO Drivers
  • Work with Google Firebase Authentication System
  • Work with Google Firebase Realtime Database
  • Build a Complete Desktop Application for Monitoring WorldWide COVID-19 Data
  • Develop Modern Looking GUI Applications using Python
  • Develop Applications for Capturing and Monitoring Data in Realtime
  • Master the Kivy Python Framework
  • Master Python Covid-19 Modules
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Embedded System IoT Systems Design
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Complete source code to each lesson included.

Who is this training pack for ?

  • Anyone seeking to improve their embedded firmware development skills
  • ​Anyone seeking to develop "Internet of Things"systems, from firmware to dashboard
Embedded System IoT Systems Design (16+ hrs)

 [BONUS] Python Realtime Population Health Desktop Application (9+ hours)

  • Setting Up CubeMX5 and CubeIDE
  • ​Download CubeMX 5 and CubeIDE
  • ​Installing CubeMX 5 and CubeIDE
  • ​Installing CubeMX 5 Packages
  • ​Overview of Keil uVision 5
  • ​Overview of STM32CubeMX 5
  • ​Overview of the Clock Configuration Tab
  • ​Getting Started
  • ​Configuring the System Drivers and RTOS
  • ​Testing the RTOS
  • ​Testing the Data Transfer Module
  • ​Extending the UART Driver
  • ​Testing the GPIO Driver
  • ​Python Essentials
  • ​Downloading Python
  • ​Installing Python
  • ​Using IDLE
  • ​Installing Python packages
  • ​Printing statements
  • ​Variables
  • ​Lists
  • ​Operators
  • ​Conditions
  • ​For Loops
  • ​While Loops
  • ​Functions
  • ​Dictionaries
  • ​Classes and Objects
  • ​Firmware and Python Communications
  • ​Writing a script to find our Iot device
  • ​Sending data from firmware to python script
  • ​Sending data from python script to the firmware
  • ​Introduction to Python GUI
  • ​Setting up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • ​Setting Up the Kivy Framework
  • ​Working with FloatLayouts
  • ​Working with RelativeLayouts
  • ​Working with AnchorLayouts
  • ​Working with GridLayouts
  • ​Working with StackLayouts
  • ​Working with Text Markups
  • ​Developing the IoT System Dashboard
  • ​Setting Up the Project Window Properties
  • ​Implementing the Minimize and Close Buttons
  • ​Coding the SignUp Screen (Part I)
  • ​Coding the Sign Up Screen (Part II)
  • ​Coding the Log In Screen
  • ​Coding the Iot Dashboard (Part I)
  • ​Coding the Iot Dashboard (Part II)
  • ​Coding the Iot Dashboard (Part III)
  • ​Coding the Iot Dashboard (Part IV)
  • ​Firmware and Dashboard Communication
  • ​Testing the Firmware-Dashboard Interaction
  • ​Interfacing the Battery Sensor Data to the Dashboard
  • ​Integrating the Firmware Control Widgets
  • ​Integrating Cloud Communication
  • ​Setting Up Firebase Realtime Database
  • ​Reading Data from the Database
  • ​Authenticating New Users and Devices (Part I)
  • ​Authenticating New Users and Devices (Part II)
  • ​Working with Email Protocols
  • ​Overview of Email Protocols
  • ​Coding : Sending an Email
  • ​Coding : Constructing an Email
  • ​Coding : Sending a simple MIME message
  • ​Coding : Sending Emails with Attachments
  • ​Coding : Rendering HTML in an Email
  • ​Coding : Rendering HTML and TEXT in an Email
  • ​Coding : Sending PDF Attachments
  • ​Coding : Sending bulk Emails
  • ​Coding : Checking Email Statistics with POP3
  • ​Coding : Checking Email Information with POP3
  • ​Coding : Retrieving Emails with POP3
  • ​Coding : Checking IMAP Server Capabilities
  • ​Coding : Retrieving Emails with IMAP
  • ​Coding : Developing an IMAP Email Client
  • ​.... much more
  • Exploring Covid-19 Modules
  • Coding : Exploring the Covid_19_data Module
  • ​Coding: Exploring the Covid Module
  • ​Developing our Population Health Application's User Interface
  • ​Setting up our App Files and Background
  • ​Implementing the Window Top Bar
  • ​Loading UI Fonts
  • ​Implementing the Data Search Bar
  • ​Implementing the "Confirmed Cases" Widget
  • ​Implementing the "Active Cases" Widget
  • ​Implementing the "Recovered Cases" Widget
  • ​Finalizing our App's UI
  • ​Developing our App's Backend
  • ​Creating a Custom Bar Widget
  • ​Implementing our App's Backend (Part I)
  • ​Implementing our App's Backend (Part II)
  • ​Implementing our App's Backend (Part III)

23+ total hours of quality training

Complete source code included

Embedded Systems IoT Systems 
Design From Ground Up

This course teaches you how build a complete Internet-of-Thing (IoT) system from scratch using just your development board without any specialized wireless radio. The course can be divided into 3 sections.

The first section deals with developing the embedded firmware for reading and receiving data, processing the data and transmitting the data.

The next section deals with developing a modern day GUI desktop dashboard application from scratch for receiving and displaying the data from the firmware as well as sending commands to the firmware to control output devices.

The last section deals with with networking. In this section we shall integrate user authentication  and a realtime database to store the data from our firmware in cloud. We shall also see how to receive emails and then control the output devices in our  firmware simply by sending an e-mail.

Python Realtime Population Health Desktop Application

The objective of this course is very simple and straightforward. We shall build a modern GUI application for tracking population health from scratch. You shall master all the tools used to complete this objective by the end of the course, additionally you shall have a complete working application which you can share with your friends. 

This course does not assume any prior knowledge of python or GUI programming, everything shall be done from the very basics.

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Remember, I have no doubt you will love the training but should in case you are not completely satisfied you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase and you shall be fully refunded with no questions asked.

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You will be getting access to  23+ hours of quality training videos teaching you how to develop Embedded IoT Systems from scratch- writing the firmware all the way to developing a modern GUI dashboard to control hardware devices as well as display sensor data. As a bonus you will be getting access to a complete course on how to develop a modern GUI desktop application for monitoring global COVID-19 data.

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When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!

  •   Embedded Systems IoT Systems  ($59.99 Value)
  • ​​Python Realtime Population Health Desktop Application ($49.99 Value)
Total Value: $109.98
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $27.99